Reactionaries, antimodernists, and new age gurus…

This book is a fitting and useful bedtime reading coda for the Trump era. The meeting of Dugin and Bannon is fascinating, a sort of ghoulish duet of hopeless iditos. The theme is also relevant to all new agers who enter variants of this terrain as western modernists and democrats where anti-modernism and reactionary to fascist politics lurk.
But in a way the realm of the Traditionalists is filled with ‘hopeless idiots’ where a more elusive type of reactionary lurks in disguise. A good example is the figure of Gurdjieff who, bay and large, spoke to modern people in the context of modern times. All his obscure writings may conceal a version of ‘Traiditonalism’ he never seems to have given himself away, too cagey for that. But he did promote as his chief disciple the figure Ouspensky who is very much the type of Dugin, but not at all such an idiot. To those who think Traditionalism move against materialism in a spiritual direction etc, etc We find the sly Gurdjieff peddling a form of materialism that is actually a version of the ancient Samkhya. The tactic was very clever and it fooled many, sort of. But Ouspensky despite his bright side as actually a dangerous reactionary and seeded the realm of Russain reaction long before such as Dugin. The materialism of Gurdjieff is a joke that is actually too complicated to be funny, at the start. But in a way, we can play these two against the idiocy of the Traditionalists, from Evola to Bannon.
In the end the modern foundation is too solid for this kind of right pee shooter attack.

This constellation of issues has been our preoccupation for years, both here and at The Gurdjieff Con where the spiritual right has been examined for its conservative anti-modernity and ultimately …

Source: Far-Right Intellectuals Are Offering Workers a Rotten Deal – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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