Decoding World History

Decoding World History Final_1st ED
This is close to a final version of Decoding World History. It is designed to be a short book, but one with a complete version of the
so-called ‘eonic effect’.
It offers what I call a ‘glimpse of evolution’. And delivers. That’s not a theory: theories of evolution are far beyond the realm of
science as yet. But We can track an elephant, even if we don’t understand them yet.

The theory of natural selection is almost silly as a fake theory, but the powers that be are betting you are too stupid for
to see through it.
Is it true? Are you too stupid to get past Darwinism?

The issue of world history is tricky because the data explodes and moves beyond our capacity to absorb it
but we can produce an approximation and outline. The issue of evolution is incomplete yet what we have
is spectacular and shows the beauty of natural evolution. The idiocy of Darwinism is left behind.

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