The eonic effect shows the endless gifts showered on man’s ‘evolution’ into civilization

Decoding World History ver 12azx

I think anyone confused over evolution should study the eonic effect, if only as the evolution of civilization. The evolution of organisms in deep time is confusing the issue. The two aspects of evolution are connected, but they are very different. One problem is that if we face the reality of history
all the good parts of history are correlated with ‘eonic evolution’ and most of the tragic outcomes are human failing. That can be unsettling.

Again study the eonic effect, and say a silent prayer, “correlation is not causation’: Almost all the great achievement of history are
correlated directly with the eonic sequence, and everything else shows human screw-ups.
We need to face the reality, and also to see the cornucopia of blessings from the eonic action.

This could be too severe because homos sapiens can graduate from his botched evolution to repair the damage and learn the real lessons of history. But you can also run of time
and slide into extinction oblivious.
This confusion can’t be solved by embracing religion, that is an older historical legacy
sliding away into the past.

But who is to provide leadership? Policians are Machiavellian shits, theologians live in a spiritual fantasy,
scientists have seeded civilization with a social darwinist ideology.

Again, we need to consider that ‘evolution’ is a benigh force in the guided emergence of civilization
and it has showered man with many gifts, but that can be confusing because they would not exist
based solely on human action.

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