Darwinism: godsend for psychopaths…the barbarism, idiocy, and capitalist ideology of the Darwin paradigm, natural selection, survival of the fittest, competition: ideology in disguise?

Decoding World History ver 12azx

Examine the eonic effect as the evidence of an evolutionary process in civilization. Look at its results: it produces civil structure, a cultural cornucopia of literature, art, religion, philosophy, in modern times, a tidal wave of effects and innovations. It has gestate democracy, injected ideas of freedom, universal peace, etc, etc…
And yet we are stuck with Darwinism and its implication that evolution occurs by survival of the fittest in a deadly process of survival of the fittest, a projection of savage nonsense by scientists no less, so-called.
The only explanation one can think of is the effect of capitalist ideology.
It is a pitiful legacy and worse for it to be called ‘science’.

One can only recommend ditching Darwinism once and for all, and being wary in the future for claimants to evolutionary ideology.


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