The 9/11 curse

archive: 9/11 and its legacy

July 22nd, 2017 •

There can be no serious left that does not see through the 9/11 deception. How did it happen that the left became subject to the most blatant piece false-flag deception? The same process, I have to guess, that confused leftist intellectuals like I. F. Stone and then Chomsky on the JFK assassination.

Confusion on 9/11 is prima facie evidence of an ideological fix, at some point. We may underestimate
the degree of social conditioning that is the case in American society. But…

The conspiracy of 9/11 is the case closed on the criminality at work in the US government and is the de facto legitimation of a right to revolution to restore the basics of honest government. For a communist left to assume this task, then, it must produce a model of communist democracy that can create a transition to a populist neo-communism. The whole Leninist fixation is out the window and needs to be replaced with the same ‘true grit’ of Lenin (?) with a solution to the democratic/rights-legal/transitional communist system.

Look at the Russian revolution: a system of liberal democracy was the first outcome, and then a coup
d’etat. In that scenario, Lenin had a free hand, a golden opportunity to creatively find the balance of

communism and democracy, given a viable economic model of industrial control, if not centralization. Instead the whole effort contracted to a totalitarian farce.

But the basic format here could have been the route to doing the job right….

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