Facebook and the Street

n part, this is because many have been organized by liberal organizations not actually interested in changing the power structure. A good example of the latter would be the women’s marches. Even though the organizers of those marches mobilized hundreds of thousands of people, they were largely symbolic and did nothing to prevent the resurgence of male supremacist politics in the nation (just look at the current Supreme Court.) The climate change protests have been led mostly by the young. Despite their often-radical demands, they too seemed to have ended up being mostly symbolic. These manifestations, plus the indigenous protests against resource extraction and the mobilizations organized by the Sanders campaign are proof of a growing desire for change and a willingness by people to demand that change in the streets and the rest of the public sphere. However, there is no apparent organization or coalition of organizations to organize this desire into a movement with a flexible yet determined strategy that victory would demand.

Source: Facebook and the Street – CounterPunch.org

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