The irony that ‘intelligent design’ works with ‘nature’ but not for the Old Testament…

We have discussed ‘design’ here many times, and ‘intelligent’ design with some cautions. Biologists are often critical of design where in reality it is entirely naturalistic. You use the term ‘intelligetn’ but you can’t point to an agent for the term: design ‘looks’ intelligent metaphorically but has no theistic implications. They protest too much. The curious almost sad irony is that ‘intelligent design’ works in nature but fails in the Old Testament.
You can’t cite the myths of the Old Testament as evidence of anything.

In Decoding World History we have shown how the history of Israel is really talking about the eonic effect.

“Methodological naturalism is a very depressing thing to be told is the truth,” says an 18-year-old correspondent. “Your work may have saved my life.”

Source: Reuben’s Story — A Light in Troubled Times | Evolution News

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