A critique of secular humanism is also needed…

This is a significant critique of the way Americans have been dumbed down by religion. But unfortunately, some of the brands of secular humanism are themselves a kind of fundamentalist creed: the world of Darwinism, Dawkins, and the New Atheists have attempted a take over of ‘secularism’ and in the process have damaged it. It is hard to think of anything that has done more to ‘dumb down’ Americans than Darwinism which is abused to attack religion. The attempt has backfired and it is hard to think of anything that has done more to perpetuate religion than Richard Dawkins peddling his pseudo-science.
The issue of secularism is about the modern transition (in our sense of the eonic effect) and that is a vast universe of multiple perspectives.
Let me note that if scientists had followed the enlightenment take on evolution (viz. the Teleomechanists and Kantian biologists) they might have spared the world the stupidity of Darwinism which threatens to wreck public trust in science.
And a Kantian critique of metaphysics might help secularists deal with the complexities here: the reductionist scientism of too many deserves its own critique.
But the point of this book is well-taken. American culture is a brand supermarket of stupidity,.

Source:  Holy Smoke: How Christianity Smothered the American Dream – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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