Marxism is culpable for transmitting social Darwinism

The same should be said of marxism and the total goof here: Darwinism is a live and deadly carrier of social Darwinism and despite Marx’s initial challenge to selectionist Darwinism the whole phalanx of so-called critics of ideology transmit the confusion ad infinitum. The left for a while had a bad habit of critiquing social Darwinism but exempting Darwin and directing criticism toward figures like Spenser. But it won’t work. Darwin’s theory at its core is essentially darwinist, as most capitalists are all too happy with. Darwinism is a god-send to capitalists and good cover for its real nature.

Darwinism is turning into a tragedy for science. It has destroyed trust in science in an immense numbers of people even as it has become almost a state of brainwashing for the professional majority…

Source:  It is utterly against the self-interest of science to dawdle with the long discredited Darwinism… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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