Gaia meme bites the dust…AI and crackpot idiocy as science:…Summary of Novacene By James Lovelock | The Coming Age of Postcapitalism//Hyperintelligence 

I am worried: I think humanity is being dumbed down. Forget hyperintelligence, intelligence comes first, you can’t skip first grade.
This book may show dementia, so I apologize in advance. But it makes perfect sense, if you a dementded AI ‘mad scientist’ level expert.

We can give a wave to the AI speculations and note that Lovelock is part of a generation that got away with Darwinian theory and now can enforce it as science. But Darwinism can’t be a basis for any science of earth ecology or dynamics. Lovelock has been confused from the start on this point and the results wasted research. Natural selection does not constitute evolution.
It is a fairly simple question and anyone who doesn’t see the point is no scientist.

This extravagant speculation might be taken as fun, or a game, but the problem is that people are induced by false authority to take them seriously.
Yet we see a critical error at the foundation, but one the sci community is no longer able to correct.

The danger here is the misdiagnosis: the earth doubtfully needs human AI to correct its new problem: man, and his capitalist degradation of the planet.

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