Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence (Mit Press): Lovelock, 

There is something wrong with this thinking. Man destroys the planet
and now Lovelock wants us to introduce even more dangerous technologies.
Thes solution is to deal with man’s failure and a failed capitalism. Artificial intelligence is so hyped it is hard to see what is being talked about.
It is not true that technology is moving toward consciousness. bullshit.
Scientists keep hyping the idea for the reason they cannot understand consciousness. Putting man under the control of AI machines is silly to stupid or worse.
the idea of machines taking over is completely cockeyed exaggeration of some
real dangers. The real will to power is that of scientists who are frustrated they can’t understand or control consciousness, hence man. So get rid of it and replace it with machines.

Fora real look at a Gaian thesis consider my Decoding World History

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