From obsolete gaian fiction to the enigma of the eonic effect…

The work on Gaia is hard to evaluate and the new AI mythologizing
is simply up in the air.
But if you want superintelligent AI consider the eonic effect: there is something already in place that has guided the (teleological) emergence of life. Its action is almost invisible but it is clear via systematic study.
About the prospects of superintelligent machines one has to be both critical/septical and open to the field’s potential.
But the super Gaian thesis comes to the fore with the study of the eonic effect.
Scientists have missed the point of superintelligence: a true psychology of man doesn’t exist and to create machines along reductionist lines will always be problematical.
A real evolutionary machine must unite facts and values, understand issues of consciousness, will, ethics, aesthetics, and beyond that machines that can operate over tens of millennia and scan the surfaces of planets. \
We not quite there yet. So what is being proposed with s uperintelligent machines?
Are scientists all raised on superman/batman comics/ \No idiot lie science idiot.

Still the work on Gaia by Lovelock remains interesting….
We already have a superintelligent ‘machine’ at the planetary level…

Source: [marxmail] James Lovelock and the Gaia Hypothesis

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