Decoding World History (9x): from Lovelock to the real Gaian hypothesis/// the science community is not reliable on evolution

Decoding World History ver 9x
A new version of Decoding World History

The last post was critical of Lovelock. who I admire but whose older views of evolution somehow crippled his thesis.

I am increasingly amazed by my own study of the eonic effect which I thin is a better approach to Gaia, with a catch 22,
the subject is ultra-complex it is almost fathomable.
It is irresponsible for scientists to be so closed around Darwinism and the result is destructive, ideological
and a black mark against science credibility.

Lovelock has a new boo, Novacene, which needs a look….

The issue of AI remains unclear. I think its findings might help us to understand evolution
but the hype over AI taking over is dubious: it is really a scientific will to power.

At least consider what is required: ‘machines’ that can act ovear tens of millennia (more!),
scan planets, seed civilizations, etc…

More anon…

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