Decoding World History new version 9xab

Decoding World History ver9xab

This book approaches completion and hopefully it can make some headway in an environment of controlled historical ideology.

Human civilization is in crisis and the much hoped for contact with aliens seems unlikely.
What alien would wish to interact with a species with the record of man.
Complete failures like homo sapiens may be dime a dozen in the universe.
Good then that such cannot get past warp speed to inflict genocide on far flung worlds.

But I think a watershed is approaching: it is dawning on many that man is reaching a terminal condition
and all previous forms of self-delusion are going to prove fatal.

The eonic model in the book draws few ideological conclusions: that can wait for a moment.
But the material on the ‘eonic evolution of civilization’
makes it clear that capitalism cannot generate the future of civilization.
In fact, it may produce an endgame.

The book has a host of useful ideas, so I hope the reigning cadres of historical academia, capitalist propaganda, and Darwinian idiocy
can be bypassed on the way to a new view of history and evolution.
Man has to master the mysterious and hypercomplex technology of the eonic effect.
best of luck, guys…

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