The dummkopf professor cadre, darwin dummies and the lost cause evolution paradigm shift

As an outsider to the gravy train of the professoriate and biological Darwin dummie caste I am often struck by the need for people who have no connection to professional castes to deal with the issue of Darwinism. After decades of abuse and/or cancel culture by these hoitytoits it is a thankless task to have to work on the evolution issue free of charge in a context of social outcast status. Science has failed on this question.Take you pick of the smartest of the lot: virtual all brainwashed by evolution propaganda. These idiots actually lost ground to the Bible Belt ID group who cleverly bypassed creationism with their own (also flawed) critiques of Darwinism.

Still, after endless promptings, warnings, critiques by outsiders (and not few religious types) and books published by POD and given away, the system of biology is still stuck. Almost the entire biological profession is carefully controlled with ideological pseudo-science.
The situation is  both laughable and almost tragic. We have lost science.
Try a survey of hypernerd Quantum Mechanical physicists about the Darwin question.

Fred Hoyle blew the whistle here decades ago, but the physics caste is a closed ranks dummy cult. Apparently the entire scientific cadre is stuck and confused leaving the issue to outsiders who can easily see the problem To be sure the evolution question so far is unsolved but the Darwinian version is complete pseudoscience and all the smartest in the caste remain confused.

Finally Marxists have failed to critique the Darwin ideology, and are themselves stuck in the social Darwinist group think, unconsciously no doubt. Marxists are supposed to warn us about ideology. But here the dog didn’t bark. Off to the pound.

A few have recently seen the light, e.g. Nagle and his useful critique, but by and large the hypnosis holds.

WHEE_5thed_pdf (1)(1)

A rare few, here Wesson, have been able to expose the issue.

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