Judeo-xtianity, the endgame…

We live in a strange period in which the Zionist mafia has subtly taken over control of American politics even as its religious legacy is dying, dying, now dead. The Judeo-Xtian traditions have suddenly reached oblivion even as their social power persists. In many ways modern society in the West has been cheated out of its modernity by the persistence of religious legacy that are dead inside. Between the Zionist mafia and the evangelical prosperity gospel it is hard to focus seriously on the monotheistic tradition. That is not atheism, or theism: the first is an excessive reaction to the second and suffers its own mythology. But the tradition of secular humanism, which needs a major upgrade, is the last man standing in the wake of the descent into evil of the monotheistic religions, with the issue of Islam set to one side to consider separately.
The endgame can be deadly here. The god fiction is one thing, the devil fiction quite another. The devil is a stupid idea but monotheists have been generally stupid enough to invoke the idea and absurdly suffer its effects. Students of ceremonial magic, a non-subject to be sure, have long warned of this ‘demon effect’. Well, hogwash, but in reality Jews and Christians go from bad to worse. We should call it off and consider the utterly simple exit point of a figure such as Einstein. It is hard to fathom the evil in the Zionist mafia. Christians are second rate devils by comparison but its the thought that counts, counts you out.

The point here is that you can’t do monotheist at half-mast as public relations. Best to skip out completely. The evil endgame so egregiously invoked into hallucinated reality is obvious here.
Jew should face reality, as Einstein faced it and walked away from a degenerating legacy, ditto for Christians and their home-baked demonic.

Source: booknotes: Grand Deceptions,…://The jewish tradition is dying and the legacy of the Zionist mafia is terrifying… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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