Repairing the damage done by Darwinism

Decoding_World_History (Ver 7xa)

The question of evolution is far more complex than biologists realize. Their confusion over Darwinism has gone on so long many are standing back and asking, what happened
to science here?

The question of history and evolution is both confusing and obfuscated by ideology and by misleading claims for evolution and a science of history.
The model of the eonic effect points to a different perspective on evolution/history and also shows that a theory of evolution would have to be
far more complex than the simplistic pseudo-science of Darwinism.

The question of history haunts the confusion of modern culture, stuck between retrograde biblical historicism, Darwinism, and economic ideology. To that must be added the crippled history model of Marx who ruined his great work with a useless ‘science’ of history.

The eonic model looks complicated but it is a way to simplify history without bogus sciences and to provide a simplified outline that has a solid foundation.

The reality is that world history conceals a strange riddle and hidden dynamic, one that can help to recast historical accounts in a genuinely evolutionary context that does justice to cultural totality without scientism, capitalist ideology, or religious superstition.

One of the reasons the US is failing is that it can’t provide leadership and is stuck in a bizarre combination of archaic Christianity, Darwinian economics and predatory imperialism. The result is a population too dumbed down to provide global leadership. History has to write off its failures and move on in search of a new ground for the future. But can one be found. Current culture is in a state of paralysis.
Can the US recover its truer future? Its one achievement as a new attempt at democracy. But the future requires a new rendering and that seems beyond the current endgame of the criminal mafia that controls American government.

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