Amid QAnon madness…US 9/11 and its anti-conspiracy theory conspiracy theories and the Chomsky tragedy

The bizarre character of the QAnon gibberish/nonsense will no doubt soon be entangled with the 9/11 legacy of confusion over conspiracy theories.
No doubt the powers that be would be delighted here: it gives good cover for the criminal history.
Let us note for the record that 9/11 denialism propaganda is itself a conspiracy theory designed to malign Muslim culture and create the motive for the War on Terror.
The 9/11 coverup is one of the most successful propaganda operations of modern times and has become the standard paradigm even for figures on the left. Noam Chomsky did immense harm with his promotion of the government coverup.
I am not a conspiracy theorist nor a 9/11 expert, but it takes less than an hour on the Internet to find out the problems with the official account. The inability of most public intellectuals to see this is the result of the bizarre ‘cancel’ culture that surrounds the whole question. This puts anyone with a reluctance to lie in public in a difficult position. Most of the journalists involved here surely have delved into the literature and know the issues with the public account, but they know they risk their reputation and jobs if they don’t support the standard view.

Source: Siege the Day: QAnon, Trumpist Blockages, and the Logistics of Spiritual Warfare –

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