The eonic model as simple chronology versus the grotesque muddle of historical materialism

We have considered that capitalism is unable to lead to a new civilization, but the left also comes in for criticism.
We can posit that some form of socialism is inevitable but that the current left cannot lead to that result in its current form

Look at the eonic model then at historical materialism. How did the left get shunted into such a grotesque theory of history?
Its foundations are a set of flawed theories, a dated science and materialism, an inability to assess values, no real idea of freedom
and an obsessive economic perspective that ignores the larger field of culture.
It is very doubtful a second of marxist socialism is likely: the world is too nettled by Bolshevism and has lost its socialist nerve.
The eonic model, which is not a theory, but a study of history in its outline: is all that is needed to reconstruct a new left.
Marxists had best rethink their framework because the current brand will create chaos at the key moment of social passage beyond

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