Darwinist idiocy ends up  making vaccine denialism worse…

We have warned many times against the collation of ‘evolution’ and other controversies, the denialism re: vaccines from polio to Covid-19.

The question of creationism and evolution should be transparent but the contusions of Darwinists have ended up fueling the very controversies in question.
Evolutionary Darwinism is itself a pseudo-science and should long since been retired from the propaganda for science. The claims for natural selection are a trap for those promoting science, because of the statistics of the question, long since pointed by scientists such as Fred Hoyle.

Those who participate in these controversies often take the long exposed claims of Darwinian evolutionary fiction as evidence against trust in science, and in the crisis of this pandemic it is irresponsible to ply the Darwinian canard against those coached for two generations by competent critics of the junk science of Darwinism.

The question of evolution is far more complex than biologists realize and the critique of creationist hallucination requires a more sophisticated approach. In fact, there is no real theory of evolution at this point, while there is a certainly an empirical record of its reality in deep time. Let that record speak for itself without the obsessive
promotion of statistical idiocy by darwinists that creationists have been coached to reject. To let this confusion impinge on the real science of epidemiology in a pandemic is irresponsible and dangerous.

On vaccines, evolution, and more, rejection of science has followed a familiar pattern

Source: The Denialist Playbook – Scientific American

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