How the Christian Right Won the Culture Wars (and destroyed the Supreme Court and the rule of law)

This is an interesting depiction of the current court battles etc but the reality remains as the article seems to realize that at best a pyrrhic victory can be achieved and the real outcome is the Court system will follow the Congress/Senate into the gaze of contempt that has undermined trust, or respect in American democracy even as frantic idealism holds to its legacy in a kind of dread. The American system is falling apart and the faith in the rule of law is perhaps to be the last nail in the coffin of the nosediving political construct of the eighteenth century. In fact, the right wishes this while the left remains unable to posit the nature of the reform of such a strange system.

Barrett’s likely appointment to the Supreme Court represents the Christian right’s symbolic victory in the culture wars. It will serve to impose a Christian moralistic values system that an increasingly number of Americans have left in the dustbin of history. It represents a victory that the Christian right couldn’t win through the lives of Americans.

Source: How the Christian Right Won the Culture Wars –

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