The American system falling apart?

The current court brouhaha points to something sad: the country is being torn apart and is likely to disintegrate.
That could be alarmist, but for myself I have absolutely no sense anymore of being a citizen. This whole system is such a mess
between climate change, Trump, and racial protest that the center of gravity has disappeared. But the problem precedes all of that.
The confusion over the court nominations shows the illusion behind the whole legal facade. The system is rigged and a government of laws ceases to have any meaning.

The whole game is shot.
Conservatives can say what they like but the american system has a liberal center of gravity, and too much retrograde motion
will simply void out in chaos as any sense of a social contract or government of laws evaporates. The country will fall apart. I think that is what is intended by many and the whole Trump phenomenon seems to want to destroy the system altogether.

I think the system needs a revolutionary restart, but that seems impossible given the current left. Marxists could never repair the current system. Who could? In any case, the control apparatus is too strong still for any real change. Putin is waiting: the outcome of highest probability is dictatorship.
It would help to create a new kind of left. The marxist legacy is not going to work, although it has some useful aspects. But a head-on collision from the left with a marxist platform could never work.

One has to wonder if the whole game will simply drift away into oblivion as the next Putin arrives. But, to be fair, Putin arrived after phase of stalinism. The US has at least beens spared that.

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