Some achieve postcapitalism, some have postcapitalism thrust upon them…ready or not: the coming chaos…
Our model and manifestos are expanding as the question of Postcapitalist Futures begins to crystalize.

The debate between reformists and revolutionaries persists but we can begin to see that the real revolutionary is history itself and that the revolution unachievable by the revolutionaries will appear on its own. Look at the last six months in the US: an entire system shut down as the combination of climate calamity, racial protest, and a pandemic has thrown the social matrix into neutral gear. In that context, neither the reformists nor the revolutionaries were ready with a plan of action. Let us consider both parties to be the same in the end and come to a form that can be ready as this mere foretaste or appetizer points to the main course: social reconstruction in a postcapitalist mode.
The public has been alienated by an older left to any mention of socialism or communism. Let us join them to the degree of speaking of neo-communism that abjures an older set of failures.

Our situation is no longer an outcome aspired to but an outcome created by the navigation of planetary civilization over a falls.
We must be ready with some blueprint for a reasoned outcome.

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