Postcapitalist Futures

Our new website is updated today and we will continue to expand it on a daily basis.

Our basic perspective is that the end of history debate is nonsense: liberalism and socialism were always destined to a match made into a democracy that is real socialism at the same time. That thinking actually precedes Marx as the implications of bourgeois democracy began to become apparent to the early socialists. The great achievement of Marx/Engels was to bring some kind of solidity to the inchoate socialism of his time. But that process tended to create a marxist monopoly of thought. We must more or less start over now. The Marxist package is holding the left back because it proposes theories of economics and history that provoke pointless debate ad Infinitum: that’s because they are not very good theories. Historical materialism is a cumbersome ideology and doesn’t live up to the claims of science.
We have suggested not bothering with theories of history which are always flawed and working with an empirical foundation. Our new study Decoding World History is almost done and can be an optional way to study history without a theory. And to challenge the darwinian pseudo-science that is really a kind of ideology and which somehow overtook the lefty despite Marx’s judgment.

The public will respond to socialism if the left can manage to present it in a form that is palatable, makes sense, and can offer a resolution of economic function as the crisis of climate intensifies.
The coming of postcapitalism is probably inevitable save the one other option of rightist dictatorship. The final outcome of bolshevism was not even capitalist restoration, but Putin, in the wake of stalinism.

The era of Trump shows the path to that outcome and the fight for democracy should become also the fight for a socialist failsafe for democracy.  That is, what the early socialists called ‘real democracty’, democratic socialism.

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