Why Liberals Should Unite With Socialists, Not the Right

It is ironic that critics of marxism have a strong case, but are unable to mount it. The point is that a critique of marxism from the left is the only real avenue in the sense that socialism, and liberalism, have been monopolized by a now dated marxism. The left fails to grasp the way marxism has lost the appeal it had in the era of the second international and is not likely to get it back, given the legacy of Bolshevism and the refusal of the left to re-assess their position.
A socialist or neo-communist left must offer a real platform that starts by making a clean break with its past.
The basic connection of liberalism and socialism at the dawn of revolutionary modernism has been lost sight of and the way to socialism should be a form of liberalism remorphed to deal with capitalism withoug losing its democratic foundation.

Conservatives are sounding the alarm bell about a Marxist takeover, with at least one philosopher urging liberals to join forces with the Right to destroy the socialist bogeyman. But the values of liberalism have much more in common with socialism than the Right — and liberals sincerely committed to advancing freedom and equality should unite with leftists.

Source: Why Liberals Should Unite With Socialists, Not the Right

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