Chomsky, marxmail, Counterpunch and the laughingstock left on 9/11

I hold no particular brief for the 9/11 controversy, but it takes about an hour of net research to find the problems with the official account on 9/11. And the literature now is voluminous and by and large very cogent, viz. the works of such as David Ray Griffin. I am wary of the complexity of detail here, but I could never in good conscience buy into the official account, which is outrageous to a degree that one loses faith in the US government. It is clear on the balance of evidence that the US (and Israel) murdered its own citizens in a false flag op used to promote a war on terror. The whole operation was very detailed yet very sloppy, enough so that skepticism about the official account is unavoidable.
So why have the bigwigs on the left enforced the official account? If you search the archives of Counterpunch you can find the original material from Alexander Cockburn ca.2006 starting to enforce the attacks on the ‘truthers’. And Chomsky intoned very early with his useless book on 9/11. Chomsky has a long history here going back to the JFK assassination where again he toed the official story. Chomsky leaves behind as a challenge to his legacy in this complicity with the official accounts.
But Counterpunch most remarkably allowed one exception to their cancel cuture enforcement of the 9/11 lies: an article by Paul Craig Roberts detailing very simply the problems of the 9/11 propaganda.
We will reproduce that essay in the next post.
The left needs to move on here and stop enforcing the atrocious lies used to justify the whole fantasmagoric war on terror…

Source: The 11th Anniversary of 9/11 –

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