Trump swings and scores a base hit oblivious to what he just said…

Trump often stumbles into a cogent insight. One gets the uncanny feeling he is a drone being used to wreak havoc on the US. He seems like a robot quoting from his control feed. He swings and out of the blue scores a base hit oblivious to what he just said.
Whatever the case Trump scores a hit here, granting that the military has over and over warned against the ventures wrought by politicians. It is not a question of the military who are merely asshole fascists manques but of the neoliberal wall street elite and the whole military-industrial complex. It is clear they have run amok in a kind of criminal mindstate. Their crimes in the last generation have undermined the whole American foundation and left a genocidal crime syndicate in its place. Trump is oddly on the mark to scotch the military for taking orders. The result at this point is we no longer have an America. It is gone. Whoosh. With any luck, patriotism has been destroyed in ordinary American dupes, that said for what’s left of their moral existence and against the future charge, why were you a passive patriot throughout? But the ‘disgusting’ attack shows the oblivious state of the critics: Trump sense the US is kaput as he wakes up to his coming loss.

Beyond that it is very difficult to see how the US can simply blunder along at this point. The whole republic is shot and needs a revolution.

The US is killing millions of people and news commentators start a ‘disgusting’ rant on patriotism..

Horrifically Catastrophic’: Report Finds So-Called US War on Terror Has Displaced as Many as 59 Million People  

Donald Trump has sparked more backlash for a “disgusting” attack on US military leadership, accusing top brass of attempting to start wars to benefit defence contractors.

Source: Trump accuses US military leadership of seeking to start wars

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