Charging conspiracy theories  and those of the nutjob fringe right a useful cover for 9/11 and JFK dark ops…//CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Examines Donald Trump’s Conspiracy Theories — Monday, July 20 at 9pmET and PT

The realm of conspiracy theories is a hopeless muddle. The fringe versions of Alex Jones, Trump, et al cannot be confused with the JFK instance, or that of 9/11.
But just here the powers that be, accusing Trump et al. of lies, themselves perpetuate the lies of those two incidents re JFK, and 9/11.
In fact, it is very convenient for the establishment to be able to denounce the fringe conspiracists as cover for the real conspiracy behind the JFK assassination and the 9/11 false flag. Denial doesn’t’ work anymore and looking back we can see that observers saw that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy almost immediately while the 9/11 case as a false flag op to found the war on terror was again very quickly exposed. There is no way around this but instead the powers that be, and even worse, the left, has created a kind of cancel culture like that of Darwinism around this. Even Chomsky was fooled.
There is another conspiracy theory here, one of my favorites, true or not: the genre of conspiracy theory meme was created by the Mossad mafia to cover up their (and the US’s) action on 9/11.

New primetime special explores origins of a fabulist president’s biggest lies – July 20 on CNN & CNN International Donald Trump uses false conspiracy theories to damage perceived enemies, explain away poor polling numbers, or to cover up his own misdoings.

Source: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Examines Donald Trump’s Conspiracy Theories — Monday, July 20 at 9pmET and PT

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