Marxist darwin frauds, cancel culture, Marx’s original views, and a century of wasted research…

Marxists should be leading the way to the expose of Darwinism but they are too afraid of the Cancel culture of the academic/biological fields dominated by the selectionist pseudo-science, and it is no laughing matter since any hint of heresy and you are fired. The work has to be done by outsiders like me. Let us note that Marxists are frauds here: Marx originally expressed his contempt for Darwin and his theory, but something happened and he either became silent, and a hypocrite, or was silenced/convinced by Engels tugging at his sleeve.
The point is that the left has long been confused here and use the cliched critique of sociobiology as a compromise that is mostly nonsense because it tried to displace the blame for social Darwinism off of Darwin. That’s outrageous. But it has allowed Marxists to evade the cancel culture tactics of the Darwin gang. But times have changed. Academic postdarwinists are already in print, there is no excuse for this nonsense anymore. The cancel culture is weakening but mostly still in effect one suspects. But the question of evolution is still short of being scientific.
This article on hunter-gatherers is fascinating but off the rails and indeterminate in the context of Darwinism. Pinker is the object of leftist attacks (including my own) but if he is a Darwinist and defends violence issues in evolution then he has the upper hand against the kind of argument seen here. If you accept Darwinian natural selection then the case for violence in early man is won by Pinker, period. First, get rid of Darwinism, and then the discussion can start to make sense, assuming there is evidence here. In the context of people like Ardrey etc the debate gets hopelessly confused. This fascinating article is at this point a wasted effort and until the basics are clear we should be wary of sentimental darwinists who don’t grasp their position.

Source: Hunter-Gatherers and Human Evolution: New light on old debates – Richard B. Lee

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