Countering Islamophobia? exposing the gross deceptions of 9/11 by US and Israel

This issue is of tremendous importance but it sits on a fault line: the history of Islam is easily turned into one of tolerance and deep interest, but its study must allow serious students to confront the reality of that history, which, along with that of Christianity, has a dark side. The legacy of jihad in early Islam is a fact of history, even if it has been taken over by the likes of rightists like Spencer et al. It is not Islamophobic to point to the reality of Islamic expansion.

Beyond that, the best thing that defenders of Islam can do is to expose the 9/11 conspiracy perpetrated by the US and Israel and stop blaming the Islamic world for that.

A pioneering professional development course that trains teachers to confront anti-Muslim, anti-Arab vitriol faces threats and shut down.

Source: LA teachers are fighting to save a popular workshop promoting Muslim and Arab awareness | Fellowship of Reconciliation

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