Decoding World History

Decoding_World_History_ version 12

A new version…

The historical materialism of the marxists is more of a liability than an asset at this point.
Who wants to live in a ‘socialism’ of cranky Marx clones who go ‘tut tut’ at the fact value/dichotomy and think economic determination fundamental to historical explanation.

A science of history at this point is a mirage: our approach in DCWH is empirical and can use
chronicles and outlines. Marxists need to move on and offer the public something fresh: the material on history here can be streamlined for that. It also shows the way beyond Darwinism and its pseudo-theory.

Time is short: the moment of social change of fundamentals is arriving, but the left has no platform of any consequence. A new start in historical sagas is available with this material.
In any case, the left needs new thinking for a new generation that shows interest in socialism but will soon be alienated by marxist boilerplate

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