The American Revolution and slavery

Re: [marxmail] Radical historian challenges traditional Marxist view of ‘so-called’ American Revolution – People’s World


So we are proposing that British imperialism was a progressive force and the French/Colonial Alliance was the reactionary one.

That had the British defeated the colonists and their French allies that the result would have been the abolition of slavery – not just in the North where it was abolished but in the South.

I think this is the NYT 1619 projects position too – so we are dropping the long Marxist tradition of supporting the first American revolution.

What about the Civil War then? Should we have been calling for the British Empire to intervene on the side of the South as they planned to do – to end the tyranny of the White Supremacist Lincoln and his cronies. Well we know Marx had a different reading of the situation.

I am really just starting to get my head around this history for the first time but these positions do seem counter-intuitive to me.

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