America’s Death March 

The US suffers the disease of imperialism as capitalism run amok but it is not really suffering terminal decline in the sense of, apparently, Hedges’ reference to the Roman Empire. If one uses such analogies one can only recommend a look at our eonic model which does indeed suggest analogs: but then the analog would be to the stages of the Roman Republic falling apart or being taken over by oligarchic forces. The onset of ’empire’ was much later in the decline of that republic and the onset of the reign of emperors and the ‘Roman Empire’, whose decline and fall is the classic tale, viz. of Gibbon.
A better analog is the fate of democracy in Athens and its short-lived career as great innovation in world history.
The point perhaps is that while democracy has been corrupted it is not likely in terminal decline.
It might help to bring in a potential absent in the roman analogy: socialism as a restored democracy buttressed with a social project of equality, economy and economic rights (or whatever). The situation is still closer to the early modern when revolutionary action claimed new freedoms and the spectrum of possibilities stretched between democracy and socialism. The future is still open and the modern system is still close to its starting point in the early modern. It can hopefully recast its basics in a recreation of a new form of democracy…

Regardless of the outcome, the election will not stop the rise of hypernationalism, crisis cults and other signs of an empire’s terminal decline… The terminal decline of the United States will not

Source: America’s Death March | Common Dreams Views

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