Will BLM  exprorpiate the black bourgeoisie….//The White Left Needs to Embrace Black Leadership 

This is a fascinating idea and the way the racial protests energized the left it needs serious consideration and a partial realization. But racial liberation might be or might not be revolutionary.
Look at the way that Lewis a civil rights icon was also an establishment Dem who is going to set the CIA on revolutionaries. That is his sworn duty as a politician in the system. Is the BLM ready to expropriate the billions of black sports figures? That’s serious money, and I don’t think they get to keep it. I will however leave that unanswered for the moment.
But if the BLM formations actually aspire to undo racial capitalism they should proceed to try until the point comes when the latent contradictions there wreck the idea.
The value of the BLM legacy is already considerable however: they have asked a revolutionary question of the most basic kind: how do you undo a social blight that has endured and worsened over centuries: how do you change the broken bones that were never set right at the start: a whole civilization is under check from its racial tragedy and the traditional working class is not going to deal with that. I have traversed the US a dozen times and entered dozens of working class situations and the number of working class racists encountered is distressing. Small wonder that BLM-ers balk here. Anyway the current racial protests have enough bravura to declare themselves leaders of the whole left. Be my guest, and I will accept a portion of the sports stars billions.

Source: The White Left Needs to Embrace Black Leadership | Portside

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