booknotes: Grand Deceptions,…://The jewish tradition is dying and the legacy of the Zionist mafia is terrifying…

As a complete outsider who can’t be canceled twice or intimidated into silence on the Zionist mafia running Israeli apartheid, the plight of people caught in the vice of ‘weaponized antisemitism’ is sad, and let us note that we lost British labor’s leader to that mafia and that American democracy has come close to destruction from the Jewish lobby. Some of the topics not open to discussion in brainwashed culture circles.
But times are changing, and the reality is that you can’t have a religion like Judaism, quite apart from its plight in a secular era next to the same for Christianity, turned into a criminal gang run by the people who have an astonishing criminal legacy, now being documented. That is said to those insider conventional cultural anthills from the relative outside where the horror is Israel is clear and not prone to censorship via cancellation.
Part of that criminal legacy is the non-conspiracy theory of Israeli/Mossad involvement in the 9/11 tragedy along with their buddies in the CIA, deep state, and gosh knows what other sectors of the Creepy Crawlers of the There’s more: did Mossad pull off the JFK assassination? What was the bribe amount given to Truman to green light Israel? There is a lot more there, including the possible conspiracy theory/possible hard facts exposed of mini-nukes in the twin towers demolition.
Denial is par, but slowly failing as a lot of people are going to go into shock on the issues of Israel and its total botch of an opportunity…

The right is voicing alarm over progressive views restricting free speech but says nothing about how antisemitism is weaponized to quash speech on Israel.

Source: False charges of antisemitism are the vanguard of cancel culture – +972 Magazine


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