Editorial – Tempest

This ‘new’ movement on the left is already a failure. The issue of reformism versus revolution remains and the impulse to restate the issue of revolutionary socialism resurfaces, but at this point that tends to regurgitate the failed history of the left. A new movement must produce a new perspective and it has to do that beyond marxism which is a tired legacy that fairly well deadens all its touches. A revolutionary socialism can be a remake of bolshevism. The point, strangely, is still not clear.
We have a tone of resources here trying to recreate a revolutionary socialism (and/or social democracy).
We don’t need another soon-to-fail socialist movement unless it has recreated itself from scratch.
We have already today noted that the SftP gang has entered, there to impose their old dogmas. The issue of evolution was never resolved on the left and the tiredness of this regurgitated in this movement foretells its failure

Two Manifestos version

Source: Editorial – Tempest

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