Sanders’ straw man socialism and demolition of the left…say goodbye to it…

The Bernie hasbeens don’t seem to see the way they have been played. If you had to invent from the right a trick play that would neutralize the left you couldn’t do much better than Bernie Sanders’ phony ‘Our revolution’ and phony socialism. Sanders effectively created a straw dog and then we all watched it undermined, twice. It seems unconscious, in part, on Sanders’ part.

Please note that Sanders is a part of the US government: it is his sworn obligation to put ‘revolutionaries’ behind bars. If his terminology is a trickster semantics, that works too.

The left needs to stick to words that mean what they say and if they use the term ‘revolution’ or socialism in coopted form they should be called out on it. Sanders didn’t really create anything whatever in the way of socialism, worse, he undermined those who use the term correctly.

Source: Our Revolution chapters are joining MPP marking a momentous shift towards a major new people’s party in the progressive movement – The People’s Party

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