This epidemic of violence is why activists have been chanting to “defund” and “demilitarize” the police. What might that mean?For starters, the Poor People’s Campaign and other movements have put forth a demand for city governments and state legislatures to ban participation in the infamous 1033 program, which allows the Department of Defense to give excess military-grade equipment to local authorities for free.If you give police high-caliber guns, armored vehicles, flash bang grenades, bullet-proof vests, and other equipment designed for warfare, you shouldn’t be surprised when they treat those they are supposed to protect like enemy combatants, and recreate warzones from abroad right here on American soil.If it wasn’t apparent before, there is no denying it now: Weapons of war should not be available to local police departments.

Source: I Was Tear Gassed in Portland … and Not Only by the Feds –

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