Where Marxmail came from  (and ends up, in oblivion?)


We had a post here last week complaining that we couldn’t even subscribe to marxmail, (once were members around 2001, in spite of darwinism issues), etc…To anathematize a fellow leftist for nonconformity to the point that he cant subscribe to a marxist listserv is so idiotic one is better staying away from such idiots.
But all at once I have to wonder if we aren’t better off working alone beyond the whole range of the now seemingly defunct left.

We are working for a new left that is post-marxist, critical of the marxist canon even as much of its legacy is useful, if it can be restated.
And no, Trotsky isn’t the answer.
We have created a new framework altogether. We consider reformist AND revolutionary issues.
We tread on the toes of the faithful here in being critics of darwinism. That was too much for the marx dinosaurs: they had to attack, ‘cancel’, and unsub. The left’s take on Darwin was always cockeyed.
Any leftist who can’t make his way to postdarwinism at this point is pathetic. For forty years the problems with darwinism have been outlined, but then got scrambled with ID material. But it is easy to simply stay with the old criticisms of darwinism from scientists. But the issue of religion and the right turned the faithful to ultra-darwinism and its support. That makes the issue even worse. The left should be debriefing darwinism, and should have heeded marx’s original skepticism about darwin’s theory. Darwinism is a part of the social darwinist legacy of capitalism. For the left to close ranks there is grotesque.

It might be better to leave all these dinosaurs behind. It is not that hard to envision socialism, but if we use marxism the whole subject becomes arcane, dogmatic, imcomprehensible, and a ritual quotation cult of Marx boilerplate. And the result cannot suggest anything practical about socialism.

Marx was a brilliant man, but he was also a failure at the theories he worked so hard to foist on the left. Historical materialism, stages of production theory, and the rest of it are a millstone around the neck of the left. Since the old guard is impossible to deal with a new generation needs to start over.

We have a lot of materials that can do that. But a real left has triple enemies or more at this point, the right, and the capitalists, the dinosaur left, and in our take the implacable stupidity of figures like Richard Dawkins whose idiocy has nearly destroyed the reputation of science.

Anyway you can get the latest 100 posts from marxmail without signing up for anything. The site has a lot of links which are useful for bloggers. Haha, fooled ya.

Source: Where Marxmail came from

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