Two Manifestos…beyond marxism and the stalled left…

Two Manifestos
I am relinking to some books on the issues discussed here at this blog instead of to an external site. These are free, and also for sale as Kindle books at Amazon, usually at 99 cents to $2.99, if they have images.

The left as current in the marxist brand has no real platform: it is mostly a rehash of second International boilerplate.
It is very difficult to get past the marxist cult establishment that stands in judgment of who is a real leftist. Do not be intimidated by them, they are all hasbeens. We had a run-in with the folks at marxmail who seem to think they are the leaders of the whole game, when in fact they are fakes who preach revolution, but wouldn’t dare do anything there.

We need a postmarxist platform that can put the terms of ‘socialism’ into something people can use and trust. The dilemma of reformism versus revolution cripples everyone. It is good to speak to both points of view. We simply don’t know how real change will happen. People are stuck: they have no real program of action, and nothing not controlled by crypto-stalinists like the deadbeats at marxmail and the clique luring around it.

We have two ‘manifestos’, lightweight models that point to the crisis of radical change manque and the lack of any model of socialism.
Our ‘Toward a new Communist Manifesto’ and ‘Democratic Market Neo-communism’ are tools to explore the void on the left. The second shows how ‘easy’ it is, in principle to design a neo-communist system that can work without the insanity of the old marxists. Marx’s thinking is dated now and confuses all its followers.

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