Cancel versus liquidation culture, the dinosaur left and the marxmail resource…

With marxists of the old school, too often crypto-stalinists, cancel culture means liquidation culture, so watch out. Best to move on. These hasbeens of the nineteenth century brand of left/marxism are useless now.
I don’t want to get in another quarrel with Louis Proyect. He must be suffering dementia or something. He has forgotten that we had the identical conflict in 2001 or so (!) when I was unsubbed from Pen-l and he graciously told me to take refuge at marxmail which I did and posted some critiques of darwinism! I unsubbed a few years later and moved on, but as a critic of darwinism from the left I have already been on marxmail and stated my case there with no interference. Proyect seems to have regressed to darwin fanaticism.

It is not worth bothering about that anymore. Marxmail is a useful source of interesting links which you can read without subscribing. Dissenting from the Marx cult with these true believers is a waste of time now. Marxism is dying but should be recast in a new form, which we have tried to do.
Dealing with archaeo-marxist dinosaurs isn’t worth it.

I have written five books on the subjects of the left but am banned from the main marxist blogs and web sites such as Pen-l or marxmail. And almost everywhere else on the left. Who cares anyway abo…

Source: Cancel culture on the left: Louis Proyect and the reign of dead marxist dogma… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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