Slavery, industrialization and north/south
The current race protests are a unique moment trying to set the record straight on many points. But it is possible to get confused here. It is true, for sure, that a part of the legacy of the US was built on slavery, but the whole point is the larger one that industrialization and some forms of capitalism allowed economies to escape from slavery, for the first time, although still entangled in cottin gin capitalism. But of course the whole history of the factory was entangled with southern slavery, so the point lingers. The ambiguity at the start will probably destroy american civilization but the fact remains the civil was won by the northern industrialists and that slavery had come to the end of the line in terms of world history, supposedly. It is almost pitiful that the founders of the american experiment were slaveholders. Many thought they had escaped from history, but apparently not…The case for reparations emerges again as relevant,…

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