Evolution, darwinism, ID, cancel culture and the reign of silence over WHEE

The discussions of cancel culture (which I may have misunderstood) are a bit ridiculous if the perps themselves are the victims and vice versa. The issue of cancel culture has long reigned over critics of darwinism. I invite even one to repent here and de-cancel the victims who are honest critics.

If ever there was a victim of cancel culture, it was World History and the Eonic Effect, which will remain canceled after all the pious discussions of the subject. None dare even critique it, it must be totally obliviated. They failed and the work has served to undermine darwinism and has an underground audience.
WHEE contains a crucial key to the nature of evolution, but the defenders of darwinism don’t dare allow critics of their subject or any outsiders from academic circles to be known or referred to. They have no real interest in getting evolution right. It is almost beyond belief. To make matters worse, the religious critics of darwnism, who stole most of their thinking from secular critics, themselves indulge in the same tactics. Anyone interested in ID has to take note of WHEE as an ‘atheist’ version of design in evolution. I can’t even say hello or exchange an email with any academic darwinist or ID proponent.

So it comes down to who is the bigger set of idiots, cancelers of their canceler critics…

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