Cancel culture on the left: Louis Proyect and the reign of dead marxist dogma…

I have written five books on the subjects of the left but am banned from the main marxist blogs and web sites such as Pen-l or marxmail. And almost everywhere else on the left. Who cares anyway about such sites, but the issue is clear.
I can’t even post a link to Proyect’s marxmail, a repository of leftist issues, useful enough, but closed to many not a part of the doctrinal mainline, viz, critics of darwinism, marxism from the left, or with another view of the left. They don’t want anyone to know that marxism and darwinism are flawed and dated, or that Marx himself started as a critic of Darwin. Marx’s theories are flawed but they can’t be critiqued, and next to that the dogma of leftist darwinist persists…
The marxist left is dying and it needs a new approach, but that has to be done outside of the main groups who preach revolution but make sure to lie low and recycle jargon and attend conferences…

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