cancel culture from ID-ists, darwinists, biologists, marxists, academic PHD zombies, plus Jerry Coyne…I have been ‘canceled by so many idiots’ it is almost funny…//On Cancel Culture, Jerry Coyne gets a clue too – Uncommon Descent

It is sanctimonious idiocy at Uncommon Descent to indulge in the ‘cancel’ debate. To be fair the worst offenders are the Darwin establishment.
After surviving the ‘cancel’ culture of darwinists they have turned around and cancelled figures as here who consider design issues correctly as naturalistic facts and not as theological legerdemain.
As a critic of darwinism I once expected to be able to at least say hello to such fellow critics. But in twenty years of parallel work, not a peep or a whimper. They can’t allow the world to know that an atheist can understand design issues better than bible belt epigones. To be sure, the ID group is not as such creationist, but the religious factor spoils their thinking.
You can’t do intelligent design as ‘science’ and then turn around and take the Old Testament as evidence of ‘historical design’.
So being cancelled by the people complaining about cancel culture is par for the course.

Source: On Cancel Culture, Jerry Coyne gets a clue too – Uncommon Descent

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