Can christian preachers lead the way to socialism?

This is a poignant and fascinating photograph but generates the glum thought that this group of christian preachers would die of fright at the term ‘socialism’. If christian preachers can lead the way to socialism, let them try, but the atheist strain, what of that?
The legacy of MLK is misleading here: who was he really? In seminary he studied Hegel and Schelling, his christianity in part a front? Christian preachers were a goldmine for the civil rights movement, but the path to socialism is not going to be a non-violent Gandhian movement.
MLK was either always a socialist or else was moving toward the issues of social justice near the end, when in fact he was assassinated.

Poor People’s Campaign Co-Chairs Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis and Rev. Dr. William Barber II want to seize this moment with a broad-based, multi-racial movement to change an ‘impoverished democracy.’

Source: Rev. Dr. William Barber II: A Multi-Racial Coalition Is Necessary For This Moment

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