Marx Beyond the Mystics 

This is a fascinating take on Hegel/Marx, the dialectic, etc, but at this point what is the use of any of it? Why should socialists even bother with all these impossible questions that noone has ever resolved in any practical way.
The idea that Marx rescued the dialectic to materialist version is a non-starter. The original version if there is one is the materialist triadism of Samkhya. It might well be useful therefore to critique the ‘spiritual’ version in Christianity, for example.
But what does any of this have to do with practical socialism. Marxists with their gibberish critiquing gibberish do nothing but confuse those naive enough to take them seriously.
Historically, this kind of discussion is interesting, but the practical task of communicating to the public needs to be different. At this point marxists ask us to resolve the issue of mysticism in its most tricky version, agree to Marx on Hegel, figure out a material dialectic, and then with whatever brain power we have left over resolve the question of social reconstruction. The reality to a close look is these issues are insoluble and that Marx legacy has so totally confused its adherents that they cannot think practically about anything.
The left should start over, adopt the history of philosophy as a background or foundation, stop fighting the battles of the post-Hegelians, use plain aristotelian logic, define dialectic as debate, and start over completely. It is clear what is the problem here: marxists are stuck in a mindset so complicated they are paralyzed even as they force feed the worst brand of reductionist scientism. As far as ghosts and spirits are concerned my nextdoor neighbor believes in them and it is unlikely that historical materialists can talk him out of it.
There you have it. To construct socialism you have to convince the whole public that ghosts don’t exist.
It is its own metaphysics in reverse, with all the same Kantian problems. Alfred Wallace, the real founder of evolutionary theory, believed in ghosts. Try to convince a ghost there are no ghosts.

Source: Marx Beyond the Mystics – COSMONAUT

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