The idea of a ‘jewish state’ was wrong from the start…

We can see that the whole idea of a jewish state was wrong from the beginning so it is perhaps in retrospect not surprising the idea was forever a non-starter. Jews themselves have destroyed their ‘idea’, its legacy and its future in a degradation so complete of their legacy that the firmest of philosemitic can only wince at the dismal outcome.

In a one state solution the jewish idea is dead and jews become citizens of a new middle eastern complex that might well be a viable resolution as a liberal state, perhaps finally with a jewish minority.

The whole idea of a jewish state was wrong from the beginning as we see looking backward. The legacy is retrograde, looking backward to the roman empire, and before when the Old Testament depicts a disappearing kingdom, israel, then judah, then nothing. Look at the Old Testament: its tour de force is that of an emergent universal religion inside the Great Disappearing act of Israel/Judah on the way to nothing but a book. To resurrect a jewish state after that was like Frankenstein digging up corpses to create Frankenstein.

To have resurrected that in modern times was surely wrong thinking. The legacy of the Holocaust is of course a key there, but zionist madness far predated fascism, and was itself fascist in some aspects.
Jews have always done superbly when they embraced modernity beyond the dying or dead legacy of the Old Testament, now seemingly little more than a transient monotheistic version of polytheism.
One need hold no brief for christians to note nonetheless they understood the dilemma of judaism from the start with its gestating universal religion trapped in an ethnic isolationism. So even at the start the idea of a jewish state stood out as contradictory.
Goodbye to all that…

A Jewish state, as most people would define it, is a state that has obligations to Jews that it doesn’t have to the other people under its domain. Most of them are Palestinian. Right there you have a serious tension with the notion of equality under the law, which is really core to liberal democracy. And that’s just within the Green Line where Palestinians are citizens, but not equal citizens. In the West Bank, there’s no liberal democracy at all. Those Palestinians are not citizens, they don’t have the right to vote.

Source: Peter Beinart on the End of the Two-State Solution for Israel and Palestine

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