fascism 2.0 and the tactics of genocide…//Can Americans defeat Trump and the GOP death cult?  

Is Trump a drone behind this apt depiction of a ‘death cult’.

I recall the cult of fascism 2.0 in the ‘new age’ movement in the seventies of the last century. As a person of liberal/left views I became an object of occult attacks, although most those figures used unsuspecting liberal disciples as a front.
Both sufis and buddhist/hindu guruism are connected here in particular cases, with their implacable hatred of democracy, modernity, or human rights. The world of Gurdjieff was at the fringe of this as it arose in the nineteenth century. (or before). The death cult was intrinsic and the tactics of mass murder were considered the main issue, occult sacrifice. The pandemic is Trump’s unconscious piece de resistance…

Drone creation (not like the mostly hollywood Manchurian candidates…I doubt chinese communists know anything much here.) is one of the most occult
lines of stupid outsiders and insidious insiders. One dare not even discuss it. Trump often acts as if hypnotized.
Looking at Trump over and over one gets the creepy feeling of a drone, whatever the Russian connection which may be another distraction or decoy. As a strategy to throw a monkey wrench into democracy Trump’s always odd behavior suddenly makes sense.
Who knows, one can’t easily discuss anything here.

I have not referred to anything specific here. But the issue of a drone president is not so outlandish, not at all. Clearly Hitler was such a case, but now the drone game has to try something different, less tragedy than gallows humor ‘comedy’. The new generation seems not to understand the way Hitler was operated. Trump is almost a parody. But the damage he has done to democracy…well, it remains to be seen.

The fascist 2.0 crowd is probably a bunch of bunglers compared to their source.
Not quite a sigh of relief, but…

The Trump administration is a death cult.They revel in their efforts to end Obamacare and cut millions of Americans off healthcare.They celebrate last night’s resumption of federal executions…

Source: Can Americans defeat Trump and the GOP death cult?  – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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