Endgame of judeo-xtianity

The question of Israel gets more and more grostesque even after you think it has reached a nadir.

The puzzle now is how any self-respecting jew could even refer to the Jewish tradition without wincing at the degradation it has now become.
Part of the problem is that noone can really discuss the real issues or make any statements at all about the
strange outcome of zionism which is now an almost terrifying mafia of geopolitical thugs. Jews, and everyone, need an exit here but it is not clear what that is. The problem can’t even be discussed except on fringe blogs like this that noone bothers with. Everyone else is muzzled with a kind dog leash that prevents anything being said at all. And over the past generation that has allowed all the most stupid elements in the jewish/israeli communities a free hand with genocidal state crime, apartheid, fascist politics, the destruction of american democracy and the endless wars in the middle east paid for and fought by Israel’s dummy, the US. Jews complain of prejudice but think Gentiles are all stupid, and sometimes I have to wonder. It is almost incredible anyone could think this has anything to do with a religious tradition. But then again that tradition is itself falling away, along with that of Christianity. No consensus view has ever emerged on the question of Judaism, ancient Israel and its religious context. But at this point in a secular age it is glaringly obvious that the whole of both traditions is based on ‘untruths’: it is not true that a god called Jehovah intervened in history to do, etc…The whole thing, still malevolent at this late period millennia later, is a prejudicial myth and fantasy.
Jews had a hundred ways they could have done the whole nonsense on Israel and created something of value. But the whole thing has been perverted from the start by zionist psychopaths. It can’t continue any longer. It is too toxic to inflict on anyone anymore. Keeping the lid on protest as antisemitism isn’t going to work any more.
I cannot fathom the issue of two state, one state politics, but at some point the geographies in question are likely to become a democratic political system done right with no special status for jews: that is, Israel can rejoin the human race as of 1776.
It would be better to do all that soon since in the end the damage can become beyond repair, as nearly happened, or did happen in South Africa.
Meanwhile americans have to screw up their courage and call out this american monstrosity at the heart of their politics. The destruction of american democracy in all its facets is gruesome and the jewish angle is especially sad and tragic.

Source: Amid Pandemic Spike, Israel cuts Electricity to Palestinian Hamlets in Apparent Pressure to accept Annexation

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